Live Music Streaming Services

It’s boring listening to your favorite soundtracks repeatedly, but a live performance of the same is so much more personal and real. It rekindles your love for the soundtrack and provides you with an elevated and personalized music listening experience.

This unparalleled personal experience is precisely what ‘Two Of Us SG’ offers as a live streaming service providing duo.
From formal dinners, award ceremonies, and conferences to get-togethers and team-building activities, ‘Two Of Us SG’ will sure set
a tone of fun and warmth amongst your audience or viewers.

The duo Ernest and Choy are well-versed in over ten languages. With years of experience under their belts, ‘Two Of Us SG’ will help engage the audience and provide the perfect backdrop to make it a memorable event for the audience.

Two Of Us SG provides a range of 
entertaining services for your needs!

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Wedding Virtual Live Bands

Unsure about a virtual live wedding band session? Allow us to infuse enthusiasm into proceedings as we sing your favorite wedding songs as per your requests.
Singapore live wedding band virtual streaming setting during covid 19 with two of us sg

Corporate Music Entertainment

Experience a corporate session like no other as we infuse entertainment into proceedings with music ranging from Pop, Jazz, R&B. We even take requests from your audience and perform it in the genre suited to the event’s theme.
two of us sg virtual corporate event

Surprise Wedding Proposals

Live Music is one of the best ways to convey your feelings to your loved one, and we help you create the romantic backdrop for your surprise wedding proposal.
singapore wedding proposal two of us sg ernest chua she say yes

Birthday Parties

Allow us to infuse childlike fun and enthusiasm into your parties as we TikTok your crowd with popular songs & entertaining banter.
two of us sg singapore virtual entertainment for birthday party , corporate, surprise proposal with dj party

Product Reviews

Being a successful brand can be narrowed down to one word: trust. You can trust us to do an original and honest review for your product and expand your name and brand conversations to our warm networks!
choy ting product review two of us sg live virtual streaming services

Live Food Tasting

As Veteran Food Lovers, we will offer our critical tastebuds to any dish you want us to review and give you nothing but our entertaining and mouth watering reviews!
Food tasting two of us sg live virtual streaming job services
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Weekly Live Stream with Two Of Us SG 二人世界

If you want to know what it’s like to attend a session of ‘Two Of Us SG’ entertaining you with Live Music, tune in to their Live Stream Sessions featuring the magnetic duo as they work their magic through covering Popular Wedding Songs, Top Wedding March-in Songs, and serenade your ears!

Check out their weekly Live Music Streams on their Facebook Page, Thursdays 8.30pm, where they’ll surprise you with occasional themed nights such as “Popular Wedding Songs to Entertain Your Guests”, “Tiktok Top Hits”, “Songs of Singapore”...

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‘Two Of Us SG’ is more than just a duo. It represents a family of supportive friends, clients and guests who have been part of the Weddings, Events, and places we have performed at previously. We seek to forge a great relationship with them, and created a community called TOUFU (Two Of Us SG Family United).

Join us and be part of our lovely community on Facebook Group today! Not only would you be receiving exclusive updates on our upcoming projects, but you would also be able to enjoy exclusive giveaways and promotions as well.

Simply Like & Follow our Facebook Page, proceed to join our Exclusive Facebook Closed Group and we warmly welcome you to be a part of our TOUFU community!
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