Should I Hire A Live Band For My Singapore Wedding?

The answer is YES! Hiring a Singapore Wedding Live Band can no doubt bring an otherwise boring, distanced audience closer together through a Live Music Performance of Popular Wedding Songs, engaging with them to create memorable experiences for your Dream Wedding.

As a professional and experienced Singapore Wedding Live Band, ‘Two Of Us SG’ has accumulated years of experience performing for Live Wedding Celebrations and setting the mood via their lively Wedding Live Band performances. So instead of putting your friends and family under undue stress of being your Wedding Emcee for your wedding, why not hire ‘Two Of Us SG’ for their Professional Live Band and Bilingual Emcee services?


2020 has been an unprecedented year for weddings and events due to COVID-19. A record number of weddings have been cancelled/postponed due to the uncertainty surrounding this spread. This has caused anxiety amongst enthusiastic wedding couples who have spent a lifetime planning for their dream weddings.

Under the current measures, Live Wedding Entertainment is currently disallowed and a huge majority of couples have turned to hiring Virtual Wedding Live Bands to create the same brilliant atmosphere for Wedding Entertainment.
Two of Us Sg has been actively performing virtually throughout this new normal and have so far performed close to 100 virtual events! (weddings/livestreams/community events) during this pandemic.

Hiring Virtual Live Bands for the perfect wedding experience has swiftly turned into a popular choice most wedding couples have embraced as a new trend for entertaining wedding guests effectively and safely.

What can ‘Two Of Us SG’ offer as a Singapore Wedding Live Band or Virtual Live Band during COVID-19 period

Choosing the right Singapore Wedding Live Band is especially important, as their music helps set the tone and mood for the rest of the wedding. ‘Two Of Us SG’ elevates the atmosphere to the next level with their lively personalities and performance, while engaging with your guests with Popular Wedding Songs which they are familiar with.

Additionally, the duo is versed in over 10 languages and able to cater to any audience and adapt to your requirements. Just list out the songs that you like, and ‘Two Of Us SG’ will handle the rest and make your Dream Wedding come alive.

Their Wedding Live Band services are not just limited to Live Weddings in Singapore; you can also hire their Virtual Wedding Live Band services, which are as effective in engaging with your beloved guests!

It has not been the easiest to make arrangements for your wedding, especially if yours is affected by COVID-19. But fret not, Live Wedding Entertainment has been made easy for you with our Virtual Wedding Live Band service, to entertain your guests and create memorable memories for all.

What ‘Two Of Us SG’ Can Offer As Bilingual emcee/s

Emceeing is all about riding the ebbs and flows of the crowd, which is why finding a Wedding Emcee that has control over proceedings while maintaining an interactive vibe is exceedingly difficult. ‘Two Of Us SG’ are well equipped with all the skills required to be your Bilingual Wedding Emcee for your Dream Wedding, with wit and spontaneity being their forte.

Additionally, ‘Two Of Us SG’ are effectively bilingual in both English and Mandarin, ensuring that all your guests understand the conversations and feel engaged.

Being experienced Wedding Emcees, ‘Two Of Us SG’ are always well prepared with the actual day program flow, and equipped with all the necessary information required from couples beforehand and ensure the Wedding runs smoothly by coordinating with the banquet managers and the supporting team.

You never have to worry about your Wedding Day when you leave it in the good hands of ‘Two Of Us SG’!

Why engaging professional wedding live band and emcee is important, rather than asking your friends for help

Asking for friends and family to be the Wedding Emcee and/or Wedding Live Band of your wedding, may create undue pressures on them, and on yourselves! Managing the requirements of all the stakeholders involved in the wedding, creating a program script, making some last-minute changes to incorporate an unforeseen situation are just some of the multitudes of responsibilities vested with a Wedding Emcee.

Thus, by engaging in the services of a Professional Singapore Wedding Live Band and Bilingual Wedding Emcees provided by ‘Two Of Us SG’, you save yourself the trouble of running everything by yourselves and instead, able to just lay back and enjoy the Wedding Celebration. After all, it is not every day that one gets married, so live the experience to the fullest and leave the rest to the experts.
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